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Hemp Finger Toothbrush

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Hemp Finger Toothbrush

Good Oral Health Is As Important For Your Pets  As It Is For You

Features and Benefits:
  • 100% natural Hemp canvas sewn with USDA certified organic cotton thread.
  • Each finger brush is handmade & is roughly 3” tall & 1 1/2” wide.
  • Our unique Hemp finger toothbrush is a simple, all natural way to clean your good dog's teeth.
  • Massages gums. 
  • Removes tarter & plaque. 
  • Perfect tool to familiarize your pet to regular teeth brushing.
  • Machine washable or Hand wash.
  • Reusable.
Why Is Brushing Important?
By starting as early as possible in your pet’s life you help them to become accustomed to the brushing process. With that said, it’s never to late to start a dental brushing routine. Our hemp canvas finger brushes are a perfect way to deliver home dental care that will keep you’re pet’s teeth & gums healthy.
How Often Should I Brush My Pet’s Teeth?
Just like us your pet needs her / his teeth brushed as frequently as possible, ideally everyday.
Our Knotty Toys For Good Dogs hemp dog & cat toys are also a great addition to your pet’s dental care.
At-Home Teeth Cleaning Tips
  • Never use human toothpaste. It is not edible & can cause issues if swallowed. Instead, use pet safe toothpaste.
  • Let your pet get used to the finger brush by letting them smell it or by stroking their face near their lips before attempting to brush.
  • It’s important for them to also get familiar & accept the toothpaste you will be using. Let them smell it or lick it. Pet toothpaste is safe for them to ingest.
  • Try using coconut oil to get them used to the process & when they are, slowly start to swap the coconut oil for the toothpaste.
  • Lift the lip to expose the outside surfaces of your pet’s gums & teeth.
  • Brush with gentle circular motions to clean the teeth & gums.
  • Clean the outside (cheek-facing) surfaces, as pets will not allow you to brush the inside surface of teeth.
  • Be sure to reach the back upper molars & canines, as these teeth tend to quickly build up tartar.
  • Never stress your pet. Stop & try again later if they are getting upset. Always go slow & always remain calm.
  • Always reward your pet with positive words while brushing & when done  play, pet or engage in a favorite activity to positively reinforce the brushing process.