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Dot & Jerry 's Knotty Nip

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Dot & Jerry 's Knotty Nip
Dot & Jerry 's Knotty Nip
Dot & Jerry 's Knotty Nip
Dot & Jerry 's Knotty Nip
Dot & Jerry 's Knotty Nip

It's the end of the day & your furbulous feline has slept comfortably while you worked the hours away. 

Don't you both deserve a treat? 

Why not go for a Nip?  

A Nip  of Dot & Jerry's Knotty Catnip!

It's  purrfectly famous for its furbulous effects on cats, & their humans.

Our organic human grade catnip herbs can be safely enjoyed by both you & your meowsome cat. A paw pinch for you in a brewed tea & a paw pinch for your pawsome feline is a purrfect treat for you both.

Description: 16 grams of organically grown catnip in reusable glass spice jar with flat front & back.  

*Certificate Analysis Available On Request

Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria

Common Names: Catswort, catmint

Medicinal Part: Plant 


Safety Guidelines: If concerned about introducing catnip to your cat’s routine, always, consult with your veterinarian.

CS: Cut and Sifted

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